Freelance Brand Content Specialist

I’m Carmen & this is all I can do for you as a content specialist!

Content Specialist

Content marketing projects

I tailor content marketing strategies to each business, individual and organization. I work on the strategy and content creation part, crafting a unique plan for my clients. In case it is needed, I will put my creative skills to work, align with external freelancers or agencies to provide the right content. I will also help you to keep your editorial calendar on track and updated.

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Social media marketing

Social media has turned out to be a cornerstone of the digital marketing game. From awareness to conversion, social media platforms are providing many more tools than we think. Ready to do your puzzle and put them to work to your service? 

In the research phase, I will audit the status of your social media channels learning from the past to implement the needed changes in the future. Then I will do a proposal of updates and develop a plan to achieve short-term and long-term wins.

If you need help managing your account, I also have experience as a community manager, so no problem! In the end, you will have a consistent social media strategy, a long-term and short-term plan, and the possibility to bring the plan to live.

Influencers and PR

Influencers and PR initiatives can help your business to grow. Sometimes these activities might be seen as costly and time-consuming, however now you have the chance to get a little extra help. I will design a customized plan in line with the size of your business and budget so you can set your business apart from the competition.