Social Media Optimization in practice

Carmen Mira Marketing Specialist Social media optimisation in practice

Social media optimization is a digital strategy which relies on your skills as a good speaker. Yes, this part is new. This affirmation seems to be a bit out of the topic, however, I believe if you can apply this concept in your real-life, you will be more able to take advantage of it.

For those who would rather start from the beginning of this concept, I’d invite them to have a look at my post, social media optimization the definition. Ready to continue?

Why do you need to be a good speaker to success in your social media optimization strategy?

Before jump into the connection between be a good speaker and social media optimization, let’s take a look at what turn you into a good speaker.

  • Be willing to listen while paying real attention
  • Minimize filler words and stammering
  • Interact with your audience

If you are interested in dive deeper into this subject, I leave you this conference of Celeste Headlee: It really worth it!

Now, that we already understand what being a master speaker means, let’s compare.

Why be a good speaker will help you to master social media optimization.

When you are looking for attention, you have to learn how to make your content/speech more catchy. You should study how to moderate your voice, in order to keep people engaged with the subject. The same will happen with the tone of voice of your content, you have to change it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, each channel have some specifications. Also, depending on the piece of content, you should consider varying the shape of your message. Otherwise, people will think everything you share is the same. The more attractive your content is, the more likely you charm the users. As you could see, this magic formula can be applicable to many areas in life, also social media marketing.

You must be a good listener, which will allow you to improve your message and meet people expectations. Followers love to express themselves, and the grow of social media channels are the perfect example of that. If you want to enhance the quality of your content, you only need to go out there, where your customers are. But, shut up! It is time to listen to what they have to say.

Conversate with your community, don’t be rude.  Social media networks aren’t about pushing messages across multiple networks. If you want to collect, you must seed first. You have to manage any feedback, as well as provide an answer to those who have commented on your posts. If people take their time to interact with you/your brand, the minimum you can do is to answer them! Remember It’s cheaper to keep a client than try to reach new ones.

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