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Social Media Optimization Definition Carmen Mira Marketing

The emergence of social media has transformed people lives, from the way they communicate to the way they consume entertainment. In order to keep in touch with their audiences, brands have been forced to learn how to manage their audiences. Social Media Optimization is about building your brand on social.

Social media optimization | Definition

Digital strategy based on the use of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity, increase the awareness of a product, service, brand, event, direct traffic to your website, connect with customers, and ameliorate potential damaging news. By managing social networks you are able to grow your business and online presence.

SMO strategies are integrated into the social media marketing plan. Once you have deployed your social media marketing strategy, it will be time to move on to the optimization phase. Even if your social media presence allows you to increase your visibility, it doesn’t mean you will gain 1m followers. If your goal is bigger than just being there, you need to optimize the created profiles. The only presence on social media is not enough to reach your social media marketing goals, and ultimately, your customers.

Key goals of SMO

  • Awareness: it will entail the creation of relevant content to your audience
  • Drive traffic to your website: it means this strategy will increase your ranking in search engine results SERPs. Moreover, if your feed is shoppable you will be able to convert directly from social.


The goal behind implementing SEO and SMO is the same, awareness and drive traffic to the company website. However, there are some differences regarding how to put in practice each methodology.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization will help you to improve how your website ranks. One of the tactics to improve your SEO is performing a unique content strategy. It will allow you to engage with your visitors and prompt them to share your post across social media.

“We have to create on social media networks content that ranging from being well-written and contain eye-catching media, videos, photos, infographics…)

SMO, Social Media Optimization, the focus is to generate more relevant and interesting content in social media. The sparkling your social media networks are, the more engagement and traffic you would reach.

The master method to accomplish long-term results consists of work SEO, SEM, and SMO as the pillars of your digital marketing strategy.


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