Social Media Listening. From one pixel to the whole picture. Part 2

Social Media monitoring Carmen Mira Marketing specialist

Social media monitoring and social media listening should be part of your global social media strategy. Although they are extremely connected, and together you will see how achieving your desired result is an easy matter, they present some conceptual and tactical differences. Let’s dive deeper into both concepts, and leverage these methods to grow on social media.

Social Media Listening

Proactive social media strategy that works on a macro scale. This practice consists of gathering social media conversations about your brand, competition, products, specific topics and keywords. It will help you to improve the sentiment for your brand, as well as your social media and content strategies. This way your brand will be a reflection of your audience concerns and interests, becoming a destination and a source of inspiration.

Social Media Listening in Practice:

Defining your buyer persona: Kicking off with your social media listening plan

First of all, before you post anything on social media, you should have a clear picture of your buyer persona. The configuration of this buyer persona requires to spend some time out there. Being where your customers are and learn from what they care about will be a strategic shift. By pulling several insights you will have a better understanding of your buyer persona as well as will be able to make better decisions.

Following influencers, key spokespeople, bloggers, comments on your competition channels, implementing a listening tool… All these are just a few techniques you can follow to listen to your audience.

One key conclusion at this stage is to determine which social media channels are going to be your main channel. This decision should be taken based on where your audience is.

Doing the puzzle: Your social media listening pieces

Secondly, once you have this picture in mind, it is time to collect the inputs you have unearthed. Then, you will be able to deploy valuable inputs into your content strategy. It is a must to take into consideration the data from your social media monitoring and customer interactions. The outcome, together with the discovered trends will provide a clear roadmap. Only by putting together these three ingredients you will be able to draw up a consistent and effective social media strategy. If you are working for your own brand or for a company, social media listening is ready to help you.

Remember that your social media listening strategy has an impact in your short-term and long-term decisions. While in a daily basis you must collect insights, and implement agile decisions. In the long-term you will have an strategic impact in your social media activities

Benefits of your social media listening strategy:

  • It helps to manage and control your online reputation
  • It helps you to glean new topics and ideas to cover with your content. Moreover, it can enable the discovery of new product ideas and functionalities.
  • It helps you to identify your main fans and influencers.
  • It helps you to visualize tendencies in an earlier stage.
  • It helps you to build stronger relationships.
  • It helps you to track reactions and react rapidly to a crisis.



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