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STATE OF FASHION 2018 is an exhibition that explores not only what way may define the new values of luxury but also cutting-edge technologies. STATE OF FASHION is investigating a new consumer, more conscious, who embraces state-of-the-art technologies, creative production methods and revolutionary business models. In other words, a new buyer more interested in learning about science and fashion, tech and human rights than being accumulating more and more low-priced garments into the wardrobe.

State of fashion 2018 YUIMA NAKAZATO
State of fashion 2018 YUIMA NAKAZATO

The exhibition has gathered several groundbreaking projects, ideas, concepts, and business models which have performed new procedures, fabrics and technologies to made clothes. The message from STATE OF FASHION 2018 is clear: We need changing the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased. The whole chain must be updated for the new century.

In conclusion, if you are interested in fashion and you are conscious of the environment and human rights, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit this exhibition. You have until the 22nd of July. MelkFabriek, Arnhem.

These are some pictures I took the day I went there. I hope them motivated you to go to this place as well as read more about this growing issue for all of us if we don’t do anything.

State of fashion 2018 conscious collection
State of fashion 2018 Conscious Contemporary Craft
State of fashion 2018 G-Star RAW
State of fashion 2018 G-Star RAW
State of fashion 2018 VIN & OMI
State of fashion 2018 VIN & OMI

Each project exhibited at STATE OF FASHION 2018 shows a “Did you know” statement…?

The STATE OF FASHION objective is to inform you by making questions about which you have to find the answer. On one hand, the exhibition showcases wonderful projects from different designers, scientist and engineers. On the other hand, the exposition is looking for awaking its visitors by inviting them to find the answers. How are they doing it? By including a “did you know” section on each piece of information.

Here are some of the answers that most shocked me:

“Did you know that 35% of the fabrics for fashion items turns into waste within the supply chain? For example, about 20% of the fabric is swept off the floor of the cutting room”.

State of fashion 2018 VIKTOR & ROLF FOR ZALANDO
State of fashion 2018 VIKTOR & ROLF FOR ZALANDO

“…that every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles in landfilled or burned? An estimated value of €400 billion is lost every year due to clothing that is barely worn and rarely recycled. If nothing changes, by 2050 the fashion industry will use up a quarter of the world’s carbon budget”.

“Did you know that the tanning process to convert animal skin into leather is a very complicated one involving approximately 250 chemicals to halt the decomposition of the leather. Those chemicals are harmful to both human beings and the environment”.

State of fashion 2018 H&M CONSCIOUS COLLECTION
State of fashion 2018 H&M CONSCIOUS COLLECTION

“… that in the current fashion system a 30% is sold at a normal price, and 35% goes on sale? The last 35% remains unsold”.

Here is just one example of the available solutions for this problem by the brand Maven Women:


Some sources of information related to STATE OF FASHION 2018:

Do you ever think who makes your clothes, where this person does it and in which condition? There is more, do you ever think about what the real cost of your clothes is? Ready to find the answers to these questions? Then, you should continue reading this post.

Below, some useful sources of information for you in case you are concerned about this issue.

  1. Fashion Revolution is a global movement for transparency which beliefs in a fashion world that values people, the environment, creativity, and profit in equal measure.

Their purpose is to unite all the participants to move the fashion wheel towards a new model radically different. That is because the only way to do this is by collaborating all across the whole chain, from farmers to consumer.

  1. Online course for free under the title: ” Who made my clothes?”.

This course is going to teach you what is fashion revolution, what is the movement about and why. In summary, you are going to receive all the information you need to know about the fashion revolution.

Maybe you can also find interesting one of my projects: Nomadas, a fashion jewellery brand concerned about the immigrant women situation.

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