NOMADAS – Jewellery to empower women

Carmen Mira: Nomadas social business project

NOMADAS is a designer handmade bracelets brand made by women, whose products are genuine and personal. Every bracelet wants to connect women as well as to promote sorority among women of different nationalities and social status.

Nomadas Carmen Mira Social Business

Mission: Empowering immigrants women. By providing to these immigrants women a job as artisans with fair wages, the brand is looking for their integration into the social, economic and political life on their new communities.

The bracelet is a symbol of union. Every bracelet hides the history of the woman who made it. Every single piece is an opportunity to help not only with money but also with time and personal support.

“How often do you meet the person who made your clothing?

Everything has a starting point and a history”

The bracelet, which is made by reclaimed fabric and beads and has a price around 30€, the money is going to be completely reinvested in the social project in order to make it bigger.


Connecting with important business women and making an alliance with them.

By working with these women as influencers or brand ambassadors the brand is going to be able to spread their message among other business women and more people.

The bracelet will be sold at women right conferences at the beginning until the budget was higher.

Business Canva:

Carmen Mira Business Model Canva Nomadas

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