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Carmen Mira Web Design Manifestations

My first challenge as a new member of the Eindhoven area was volunteering. My role at Manifestations consisted of supporting the event and the organization on a digital level. First of all, by coming up a new web design as a digital specialist. Secondly, by helping them out on other tasks related to either design or visitor assistance.

What’s Manifestations? An event and a website with more than 50 talented artists.

Manifestations is more than an event, it’s an experience created to connect technology and society in a healthier way. Behind Manifestations is van Alphen, curator, initiator and founder of Art&Technology Foundation. This is the organization in charge of Manifestations year after year.

Manifestations tries to explain the benefits and the risks of technology by making it more accessible to a broad public. In other words: “Manifestations’ spotlight is focused on projects that investigate the “matches and mistakes” between people and technology”. From hacking to smart fashion, more than 50 projects have been presented this year, in more than 6.000sqm during the Dutch Design Week*.

Web Design – Mobile first approach

From the beginning, we have had the idea of developing a new website more user-friendly. Therefore, we looked for several templates and tools to accomplish this goal. Below you will see some images from this web design.

Carmen Mira WebDesign Manifestations

Alfer the website design and its rollout, I also presented some ideas for our social media channels with the aim of drive traffic to the website.

Social Media Communication – Deliverables

By that time, I also created some ideas for social media communication, from an Instagram grid to a Facebook page. These designs’ purpose is bringing consistency and coherence across-channel. By providing a unique and distinctive brand visual identity, we will reach a wider audience and visits to the site. Finally, this social media approach was discarded in order to break the tasks down.

#Instagram Grid


#Facebook Page

Carmen Mira social media marketing facebook page

Data Analysis – Google Analytics

Now it is time to measure, assess and analyze the results achieved with this web design. By installing a plugin in WordPress, we are able to check our dashboard, an overview of the main KPI’s at a glance. In this chart, we have a recap of the progression over the last 90 days.


DDW* The Dutch Design Week Eindhoven is one of the most expected events in the city. It is the largest design event in Northern Europe and present work and concepts from more than 2,600 designers to more than 335,000 visitors from The Netherlands and abroad.

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