FEMMEMMEF – Rewriting the fashion’s rules

Fashion design for disabled women

FEMMEMMEF is a brand which develops fashion collections adapted to every woman, don’t care if you use a wheelchair o need help to up your zipper, there is a garment with an adapted way to make it easy to put on for you. This way the clothes are as cool as comfortable.

Every design is made by disabled women. The brand is going to hire disabled women which need a job and be integrated into a normal workspace.

Carmen Mira Logo fashion brand

Mission: Democratizing fashion and break the standards, women have to be considered beautiful independently of their bodies women are much more. Fashion is a way of personal expression not a vehicle of oppression. Every singular people should have the right to choose how to get dressed, how to be, instead of being categorized by the media.


  • A full media campaign focused on fashion-media. The point is not to carry out a different catwalk or media strategy, the point is to broadcast the message through the current ones to say our society that humans are different and beautiful.
  • Influencer campaign: with the most important models with disability and others, the idea is to mix and to integrate both.
  • We will start by creating a special t-shirt to collect money to invest it in associations which help disabled women (one of the collectives in higher poverty situation and exclusion situation)
  • A  digital plan to spread the idea overseas and make our message alive and liquid.

Year: 2016


Fashion for disables women

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