OXYGEN – Intra-luxury furniture

Sustainable brand development

Luxury Eco-friendly furniture brand. First of all, we have created a new concept of luxury based on sustainability, design and handcraft. To engage our target and push them to take care of the environment we’ve put the focus on people’s childhood memory. This strategy is going to encourage them to provide the same memory to their child. How are they going to achieve this? By choosing sustainable pieces of furniture for their home, the place where we all spend more time with our family, the place which is an expression for ourselves. That’s the reason why every single piece is different and genuine. In addition, all of them are made by request.

Brand Logo & Brand Universe

Mission: Our aim is to make people aware of the idea that resources are finite. Here is the cause of why we have to find a different way to set the value of “luxury”. Due to this our handcrafted pieces are made following a sustainable process, from design and manufacturing to delivery.

As you can read, we don’t only want to sell luxury furniture but also change the luxury mindset. We also pretend to establish a new concept of luxury more concerned about the environment and intelligent.

Brand Communication Campaign

Campaign: Firstly we developed a new concept, the of “intra-luxury”. This is based on yourself, an intimate concept which provides a different vision of everything from inside out. Due to this, we choose to carry out a furniture brand (a point inside “the home” to start working on this mindset change).

Digital marketing campaign: which includes web design, social media content, content marketing. Website: decorecodesign.wordpress.com

Public Relations: events, expositions, conferences.

Branding and storytelling

Year: 2017

History of OXYGEN

Oxygen is a brand of Eco-furniture which was an idea developed by a group of students in 2017. It was an activity we have to carry out as a part of the program that Factoria de Talento ADECCO provides. Adecco does it each year for a selected group. Most of all the goal of this activity was to improve our professional skills as well as our team working skills. As a result, we achieved more. We created an eco-friendly luxury brand able to engage customers. Through this, we are going to spread our concern about the environment and change the old idea of luxury.

Therefore, the purpose of the brand was not only to recycled pieces of wood and sustainable sources but also to control all the process. We are going to control from the transportations to the way each product could be recycled. By rethinking the chain of value we reached a higher value for our customers.

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Other communication materials:

Product Magazine, every product is accompanied by a special magazine on which the client will be able to read the history of the furniture. Since the process of design to the delivery, every single piece contains something to tell. The designer, the artisan, the engineer,… all add some from them to the piece. In conclusion, we want to share this history behind the product with you.


Brand Project Mockup Design product magazine

Brand Project Mockups Design


While we showed our first product at the final meeting, we also extended our brand communication channel by developing a roll-up, glass bottles and special cards to encourage visitors to dream with us.

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