About my professional and personal skills

Carmen Mira Communication Specialist skills

Personal Skills

I’m Carmen and these are my main 6 personal skills.
Let me in this section explain you more about who I am and how could be the experience of working with me.

1# Proactive and enthusiastic:

Firstly, I try to give my best and to bring my positive attitude. I am willing to take the initiative when necessary and listen to the others.
Always curious and creative, I am a drive to success person which is looking for opportunities and improvements to apply to the daily work, projects and personal life.

I am a self-driven person with some projects drafted, all of them focused on my social concerns, from environmental issues (OXYGEN) to women rights (NOMADAS) and people with different-ables (FEMMEMMEF)

2# ASAP [ Analyze, Synthesize, Assemble and Prioritize]”Able to see the overall picture but capable of driving on details”

For the purpose of carrying out an effective planning and achieve the established goals I always follow this useful acronym.
It helps me to be more productive, for instance by setting priorities I am able to meet deadlines and work efficiently under pressure.

3# Flexible, able to multitask, able to learn.

Besides, I have a can-do mentality person with no fear of challenges. I consider myself a person with a flexible attitude towards changes and an open mind for new developments, cultural interaction and different-opinion environments. That is because I find interesting and rewarding both multicultural places and multidisciplinary teams.

4# Result oriented person:

I’m a hard-working person willing to work 24/7. As a professional, I am not only committed to my team, responsibilities, and functions but also my personal goals. I find well-done job satisfactory and achieved personal challenges are gratifying. I am also always ready to turn projects/ideas into reality and facts/actions into measurable figures.

5# High dependability and service mindset:

As a familiar person, I am able to grow positive relationships and strengthen bonds.

6# Team player with the ability to work individually.

Thank you for reading